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Liquid Helium bath cryostats

We offer a range of dual reservoir cryostats suitable for cooling cryogenic detectors and many other applications where long hold time and easy access are required.

Our cryostats offer unparalleled cryogenic efficiency, with liquid helium consumption as low as 5 days per litre! Single-fill hold-times in excess of one month are available. Our cryostats are designed to offer the best possible environment for highly sensitive detectors, and they also provide a large cold experimental volume.

The standard cryostat range is summarised in the table below:


All our cryostats have 4 side-ports (optics/electrical feedthroughs) with clear aperture diameter of 28 mm in the outer vacuum case. Electrical connectors can be configured to customer requirements. The optical axis height of all models is 20 mm.

All cryostats are despatched with a transit protection baseplate. They also feature multi-level safety provision including a positive pressure relief valves at all temperature stages.

All cryostats are fully tested and characterised before delivery. 

If our standard designs won;t suit your requirements we are happy to consider bespoke designs.


TK1813 is our smallest dual reservoir cryostat. The cryostat is designed with day-to-day use in mind, but with twice-daily refills of liquid nitrogen it can be kept cold for days on end.

Unlike our larger cryostats, TK1813 has no gas-cooled radiation shield between 4K and 77K and can therefore be brought to 4.2K operation within 2 hours.


Custom designs are a speciality. The dimensions of the working volume at 4.2K can be adjusted at will to accommodate larger apparatus. A popular option is to accommodate a single vertically offest side-port whichcan house a permanently connected wheel mechanism that holds up to six filters/samples.


The standard TK1813 cold plate hole incorporates a versatile pattern of helicoil M4 holes as shown below. We are happy to change this if required.



TK1840 and all larger cryostats incorporate an additional gas cooled radiation shield between the 4K and 77K reservoirs. This serves to increase cryogenic efficiency. The cryostat is intended for use throughout the working week, though with a liquid nitrogen refill during the weekend it can be kept cold for long periods. 

1840 coldplate.jpg

TK1840 can be operational from an unevacuated sate in about 12 hours. An overnightt pre-cool period at 77K is ideal.

TK1840 can be customised to suit your requirements if the standard design won't work for you.


TK1865 is a longer version of TK1840 and with a 60 to 80 hour liquid nitrogen hold-time can be kept cold unattended over a full weekend and remain operational for weeks on end if the cryogens are refilled when necessary. 

TK 1865 can also be customised. In the picture below a helium-3 closed cycle adsorption refrigerator has been fitted to the 4K space.



TK1875 is our largest standard cryostat and it features a 250mm diameter 4K plate. It has been our work-horse cooling platform for multi-channel detector systems. Up to 20 detectors have been arranged in one of these large cryostats.. 


TK1875 can be made operational well within 24 hours. It is quite a heavy item (certainly needing two people to carry it) but many alternative mounting and lifting options can be included.

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