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Dry cryogenic systems

Our so-called "dry" cryogenic systems use dual-stage pulse tube coolers. These are usually Cryomech PT range devices (more information can be found here). This means that high sensitivity detectors can be operated continually for weeks and months on end as long as there is a suitable uninterrupted electrical supply. No liquid cryogens are required or manipulated - once cold, these systems require no day-to-day attention or maintenance.


More than 40 years' experience led to system designs that ensure that vibrational noise is minimised. Our superconducting bolometers behave IDENTICALLY in both pulse tube coolers and liquid helium cryostats !

We specialise in combining our key component technologies, many of them unique, in complete working detector systems. We can therefore ensure that overall performance is optimised and cover this with our 2-year guarantee. We liaise with our customers throughout the build process to ensure that what we deliver is best suited to the experimental requirements and circumstances.

"Dry" systems offer significant advantages over helium reservoir cryostat systems:

  • The cooling process is controlled with a single button. Cool-down from room temperature to operation can take as little as 4 hours.

  • Without the cost of consumeable liquid cryogens, costs are restricted to electrical power.

  • Maintenance is only required after 20000 operating hours (more than two years of constant use). 

  • Significantly safer to operate in the absence of handling liquid cryogens.


Dry systems

Dry detector systems - what's included?

Cryomech pulse tube cryostat

Dry detector systems include the following items:

  • A cooling platform capable of cooling to operating temperature in ~ 4 hours.

  • A  remote motor with a 60cm hose, which can be externally mounted to remove any vibrations from an experiment. 

  • A QMC instruments ABS hood, which can be used to couple the remote motor to the cryostat.

  • A water or air cooled compressor(your choice) + flexible helium gas lines (10m length supplied as standard - they can be up to 25m long if required).

  • Detector(s) of your choice. Up to 3 detectors can be included in standard design schemes).

  • A low noise amplifier for each detector.

  • Winston cone optics to couple signal into the detector (a range of profiles is available)

  • High performance system of frequency selective passive optical components to ensure optimum sensitivity in your specified frequency range. Multi-layer metal mesh filters are used as standard.

  • A flight case for shipping.

  • A 2 year warranty.

  • Lifetime support.

cryomech external motor

Please contact us for more information.

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