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Beamsplitters and Dichroics

We can use our multi mesh  filter technology to create Dichroic filters and beamsplitters, which are optimised to transmit some frequencies and reflect others with very low losses. We are capable of creating either high pass or low pass dichroics operating from 20 - 300GHz, with edges anywhere within that range.


Often dichoics are used to separate a spectrum into separate bands that can be measured, by having a series of them one after another reflecting and splitting different components into separate detectors (such as measuring atmospheric data).

The performance of a dichroic is heavily influenced by both the polarisation and angle to any incident light, thus to ensure that we can deliver the best performance we don't offer any standard dichroic, and work with our customers to ensure each filter is uniquely built to meet the customers requirements.


The graph below shows some example data from one of our High Pass dichroics, designed to give <0.1dB of loss in  23 GHz reflected light, whilst simultaneously transmitting 230 GHz light with <0.3dB loss. 

Dichroic example spectra.png
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