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Cryogenic Platforms

QMC Instruments are able to build standalone dry cryogenic platforms and support equipment to suit customer needs. Our range spans everything from off the shelf 4k cryostats  that we cool our TES detectors in, to bespoke sub-kelvin systems. 

Our systems can be built to the following ranges of specifications:

  • 0.5W cooling power supplied by a pulse tube cooler

  • Variable temperature 4K coldplate gold plated with or without a quick release access.

  • Calibrated diode thermometers (4 wire or 2 wire).

  • Heaters & temperature control system.

  • Cooled optical filters, plus AR coated windows.

  • We can build our systems for operating frequencies from optical to THz.

  • Up to 4 Fischer connector ports, with pin configurations of your choosing.

  • 2 year warranty 


Ultra-low temperature systems

We have for several years now been partnering with Chase Cryogenics, in order to produce cooling platforms capable of achieving temperatures of 200 mK. This is achieved using a He4/He3 evaporation stage (pictured right), which can hold at 320mK for 24 hours, whilst lifting 20 µW of heat. 

For these systems we provide our very own temperature controller, as well as all the software, and thermometry to run it.


The rough outer dimensions of these systems can be configured to your needs, however they are limited by the size of the He evaporation fridges, the one pictured to the right and above is 350mm in diameter but smaller more compact systems are possible, please contact us for more information.

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